Liposuction Treatment

Dr. W Dermatology is proud to have the most advanced liposuction treatment the dermatology profession offers and is performed by one of the most highly touted medical and cosmetic dermatologists in the nation. Our advanced procedure removes unwanted fat without the “major surgery.” 

What does that mean?

Our specialized treatment utilizing the tumescent approach allows for more precise contouring and better overall results.  Our procedure allows you to walk in and out of our office the same day with minimal downtime as the procedure is performed with local anesthesia.  Most importantly, our procedure is extremely safe and helps eliminate/minimize bruising, bleeding and scarring.

Dr. Weaver has been performing liposuction procedures for almost two decades with unparalleled results. Our practice is proud to give each patient the upmost attention, care and respect they deserve in order to assure they receive the best experience possible.

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