Acne Scars

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Our superior treatment drastically improves areas of depressions and tissue loss by stimulating collagen and smoothing surface impurities with advanced laser technology.

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Acne Scars Explained

Acne scarring occurs when the body’s healing system responds to acne breakouts.  The scars remain after the acne subsides; however, the scars sometimes reduce in size or possibly disappear completely.

Other types of scarring include:

Keloid scars:

  • Form during the healing process after an injury, surgery or body piercing
  • Pimples and insect bites may also cause these type of scars
  • Certain situations these type of scars form on their own without any apparent reason
  • Firm , raised above the skin and usually extend beyond the immediate point of injury
  • Pink, dark brown or red in color
  • Most commonly found on the chest, back and ear lobes
  • Generally harmless, however, they may itch occasionally
  • Possible cosmetic issue if they are visible and making you feel self-conscious

 Hypertrophic scars:

  • Form when the healing process is overactive
  • Usually red in color and raised above the wound
  • Unlike Keloid Scars, these scars do not extend past the immediate point of injury
  • Respond well to treatment and sometimes can even disappear on their own

Contracture scars:

  • Made of inelastic tissue and often form when the skin gets burned
  • Contract the skin around the immediate point of injury
  • Depending on their location and severity they can make movement difficult
  • Can affect the muscles, tendons and nerves beneath the skin
  • Exercise during treatment of these scars is a good way to prevent or minimize the scarring